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We can convert your old Betamax, VHS and 8mm videotapes to DVD or BluRay disc:

FROMBetaVHS8mmHi8Digital 8DVDDVD (PAL)BluRay
Beta +Xn/aXXX ++
Digital 8XXn/aX +XXX

Media Files


















The chart above shows the type of videotape formats that we can convert.  

  • X = direct conversion (no editing possible) or indirect via computer (editing & custom menus are possible)
  • + = indirect conversion (requires conversion via to DVD, then to the final media)
  • n/a = not available

In addition to the videotape formats, we can also convert the following to DVD or BluRay (BD); the "media files" referred to above can include:

  • Digital video files:   MPG, AVI, MOV, WMV
  • 35 mm slides & negatives
  • Digital photo files such JPG, BMP

DVD & CD conversion & scanning Price List:

Conversion TypePricePer
Beta / VHS / VHS-C / VHS-PAL / 8mm / Hi8 / Digital8 / DV videotapes Direct-to-DVD    19.95 2-hour DVD
Above video formats via PC to DVD or BluRay disc    29.95 2-hour DVD or BluRay
35mm slides or negatives to DVD / BluRay

    19.95 /  24.95   

 1st 50 slides

Additional 35 mm slides or negatives to DVD / BluRay      0.35 slide/negative
Paper document or picture scanning (media additional)      0.50 piece
Additional copies of video DVD (at time of order)      5.00 Each
Additional copies of  CD's (for digital photos or scans)      2.00 Each
  • Texas Sales Tax (8.25%) will be added to all orders delivered or shipped to a Texas address
  • Shipping (Ground or 2-day UPS) or postage (US Priority Mail) charges (if applicable) are additional.  
  • Free drop-off and pick-up in Murphy, TX; limited pick-up and drop-off is also available in: Richardson, Garland & Plano and parts of Dallas.   For larger orders (over $500), we can also pick-up/drop-off in most parts of the DFW (Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area)

Videotape to DVD or BluRay conversion notes:

  • Videotapes can be combined for the flat-rate conversion; up to 2 hours 3 minutes can fit on a standard DVD
  • DVD's will come in a standard DVD cases (we print information directly on the DVD's and do NOT use paper labels)
  • DVD format will be standard NTSC (USA TV Standard) and will not be region encoded
  • If you require a PAL format (European TV Standard), it can has to be done via the PC-to-DVD method
  • Orders for additional copies of DVD's must be placed at the time of order 

35mm Slide / Negative and digital photo to DVD or BluRay slideshow conversion notes:

  • 35mm Slide & Negative conversions are for up to 50 slides/negatives; thereafter per additional slide.  
  • 35mm Slides & Negatives will be scanned at 12 megapixel  resolution.  File sizes will be approximately 1 MB in size.   A standard DVD should hold over 1,000 slides at this resolution.
  • 35mm Slide & Negatives conversions to DVD can be played on standard DVD players.   Standard slideshow length is approx. 6 seconds per slide.  If you require a different length of time (more than 10 seconds is not recommended) please let us know at the time of placing the order.
  • If you want to be able to have prints made from the converted slides and/or negatives, please order a data CD or DVD (must be done at the time of placing the order)
  • Digital photo formats accepted:  JPG, BMP, TIF

Quality Issues:

Even though you will end up with a DVD or BluRay disc, the quality (generation, type, resolution) of the original material determines the overall quality of the final conversion.  Below is a chart that shows the initial resolution of various media.  Also remember that this is based on the assumption that it is original footage, not from material that is a copy of a copy of a tape...  A few select formats have been highlighted:

Analog videotape formats:

  • 350×480 (250 lines): Umatic, Betamax, VHS, Video8
  • 420×480 (300 lines): Super Betamax, Betacam (professional)
  • 460×480 (330 lines): Analog Broadcast (NTSC) 
  • 590×480 (420 lines): LaserDisc, Super VHS, Hi8
  • 700×480 (500 lines): Enhanced Definition Betamax

Digital formats:

  • 352×240 (240 lines): Video CD
  • 480×480 (480 lines): SVCD
  • 720×480 (480 lines): 4:3 DVD, Anamorphic Widescreen DVD, miniDV, Digital8
  • 720×480 (360 lines): Letterbox Widescreen DVD
  • 1280×720 (720 lines): Blu-ray (720p), D-VHS, AVCHD (720p)
  • 1440×1088 (1080 lines): miniDV (high-def variant), AVCHD (1080i/p)
  • 1920×1088 (1080 lines): Blu-ray (1080i/p), D-VHS

Copyright notice:

You must own the copyright to all items submitted for conversions.   If you do not own the copyright, you must have permission from the copyright holder to allow converting your media to a different format (even if for personal use).   If you took the picture or videotape with your own equipment, then generally you have the copyright to that material.  We can not legally convert store-bought videotapes or media to DVD or BluRay, even if it is for personal use only.    

Payment methods (all payments must be in US currency):

  • PayPal (we will send a payment request prior to pick-up or shipment)
  • Cash (at time of personal pick-up or delivery only)
  • Personal checks (only at time of personal pick-up or delivery and if local to the DFW area)
  • Business checks (only at time of pick-up or delivery and if local to the DFW area)
  • Money Orders (only at time of pick-up or delivery and if local to the DFW area)

What we can NOT do:

  • Convert "professional" videotape formats, such as Umatic and BetacamSP
  • Convert movie film formats, such as 8mm, Super8 or 16 mm film reels.   HOWEVER, we can have this converted at a 3rd party facility nearby for 50¢ per foot (+ $50 charge to convert to AVI file on a portable hard disk) for 8 mm or Super8 film; after that, the standard flat rates from above apply.

Please print the following, fill-in and submit at the time of order:


In order for PC & Associates to convert the video/audio footage from your videotapes to DVD or to scan your slides, negatives or documents, you will be required to fill out and sign the following agreement and submit it at the time of the order.

Terminology: "We" & "us" refers to PC & Associates. "I", "me, "my" or "mine" refers to you, the customer.

By submitting media & videotape(s) such as Betamax, VHS, 8mm or Hi8, 35mm slides/negatives to PC & Associates for scanning & conversion services to DVD & CD media, I, __________________________ hereby declare and warrant that all materials provided for
scanning, conversion and/or duplication are not in violation of any copyright laws. I will indemnify and hold PC & Associates harmless in respect to any claims or demands by any third party that infringes upon any Copyright law. The video, photo and/or document materials submitted were either created by me or I have the right to permit PC & Associates to perform scanning, conversion & duplication services, or I have the permission of the original copyright owner to duplicate the submitted video, photo or document materials and a written release form is provided herewith.

PC & Associates is not responsible for late, lost, damaged or misdirected mail or shipments. PC & Associates does not warrant that video to DVD conversion services will fit all customers' particular purposes, and is not liable for any damages or losses of any kind to the original media or documents provided by customer. The liability of PC & Associates is limited to replacement of such recorded tapes or other media with blank/unrecorded media of the same kind only.

Terms & Conditions:
PC & Associates will return all materials submitted via insured US mail or DHL shipments. PC & Associates will not keep a copy materials submitted for conversion. Unless a "direct-to-DVD" service is provided, computer hard drives are utilized to temporarily store video footage or slides & negatives are that being converted and for editing purposes and the footage & files will be erased upon completion and delivery of the DVD's or other media . Footage and scans will only be viewed to the extent necessary to edit the footage and create chapter points for the DVD or for editing & cropping scans.

By receiving these terms and conditions you acknowledge that this is a binding legal agreement between PC & Associates and customers of video-to-DVD conversions or slides & negative scanning services provided by PC & Associates.

Video-to-DVD conversion & duplication and slide/negative film scanning services offered via the web site http://pc-associates-texas.com,  http://pcelias.com  or other online listings such as Craiglist are provided without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied to the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law. PC & Associates disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. PC & Associates does not represent or warrant that the services provided will be error-free or that defects will be corrected. PC & Associates does not make any warranties or representations regarding the use of the materials provided in terms of their correctness, accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, timeliness, reliability or otherwise.

Payment is requested after a quote has been prepared and approved and before services are rendered and is accepted in US dollars only in the formats listed below.  If you reside in or have a mailing address in Texas, 8.25% Texas sales tax must be paid on the total invoice amount (including shipping charges). 
● PayPal (I will send a PayPal invoice to your e-mail address). PayPal allows for credit card payments and direct checking transfers
● VISA or MasterCard (I will send you a direct link to the secure website of my credit card processor)
● US$ checks & money orders (drawn on a US bank and with US bank routing codes)
● Cash in US$ currencies (at your own risk)

Agreed upon by:

Signature:               _________________________________________

Printed Name:       _________________________________________

Address:                 _________________________________________

City, State, Zip:      ____________________________________, ______            ___________-________

e-mail address:     _________________________________ @ ___________________ . ________

Phone #:                 (______) - ______ - __________

Mail or ship this declaration and your videotapes and/or other media via registerd / insured / tracked US Mail or DHL/Fedex/UPS to:

PC & Associates
PMB 222
120 E. FM 544, Suite 72
Murphy, TX  75094-4035 USA

Please feel free to call us at 972-671-0077