PC & Associates primarily service the process manufacturing industries                    

PC & Associates is a Sage Authorized Partner for "BatchMaster Enterprise", as well as "Formulator", specialized software solutions designed specifically for the process and formula-based manufacturing industries

PC & Associates was a Sage Authorized Partner for "Sage PFW ERP" until March 31, 2014, when Sage Software retired the Sage PFW product line.  Sage PFW was an ERP software solution designed specifically for the process manufacturing industries.  We will however continue to provide support for Sage PFW, BatchMasterPFW and BatchMasterDOS for those clients choosing to stay with these software packages.

BatchMaster Enterprise and Formulator are used in the following manufacturing industries:

  •  Paints & Coatings
  •  Printing Inks
  •  Adhesives
  •  Automotive chemicals (waxes, oils, lubricants, etc)
  •  Cleaning & maintenance chemicals (dry cleaning solutions, floor cleaners, waxes, etc)
  •  Foods (both dry & wet)
  •  Beverages
  •  Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals (vitamins, supplements, etc)
  •  Specialized chemicals

Features of BatchMaster & Formulator include:

  • Formula (and Recipe) management
  • Inventory and warehouse management (including lot tracking)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet generation including the GHS format
  • Production batch tickets
  • Formula Physical Properties calculations (including nutritional values in the food industries)
  • Many more... (please inquire!)

We also provide certain media conversion services, allowing you to convert your old videotape formats, such as VHS, Beta / Betamax, 8mm video, Hi8 & Digital8 video and miniDV video to current DVD formats. See DVD conversions for more details.   We can also scan 35mm slides & negatives (and certain other film formats).

We're ready to be of assistance!   Feel free to contact us:

Phone:  (972) 671-0077 

PC & Associates, 120 E FM 544 STE 72 PMB 222, Murphy, Texas  75094-4035