On-Line Support

For on-line support using your broadband (hi-speed) internet connection and browser, please click on:


How to get started: 

  1. Click on the http://www.fastsupport.com link above
  2. Fill in your name or company name; Get the quick download. The screen-sharing plug-in automatically downloads onto your computer.
  3. Call us at 972-671-0077 and we will give you a 9-digit code to enter at www.fastsupport.com

How does it work?:

The screen-sharing plug-in lets both you and your Technical Support Rep communicate via a Chat window, see your computer screen, share your mouse and keyboard and draw on your screen using the special Whiteboard feature.

System and Network Requirements:

For a support representative to view your desktop, it should meet these requirements:

  • Broadband internet connection (T1, Cable or DSL) preferred
  • Recommend ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections, or availability of a SOCKS server or an HTTP proxy
  • PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.


If you wish to pay or pre-pay for your support, I can accept your credit card payments securely at PayPal via this webpage: