PC & Associates provides the following services:

  • Media conversions (VHS, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8 & Digital8 and MiniDV videotape to DVD & BluRay)
  • 35mm slides & negatives conversions to JPG and/or DVD & BluRay
  • Document & Picture scanning
  • Video editing
--> Please remember that magnetic videotapes (such as VHS, betamax, 8mm and others) will degrade over time and may not be playable at some point.  Not to mention that working videotape players are getting harder to find and generally can not be repaired (due to unavailability of parts).
--> "Way back when" (ie: 1980's), it was said that videotapes had a lifespan of 20 or so years.  And while that seemed far off in the distance future, were now well past that!